About Us

Value Proposition

RF Corval has an experienced team with a proven track record, providing investors with institutional deal sourcing capabilities and reporting but the focus of a boutique manager.

Experienced team

RF Corval’s senior executive team has over 70 years of collective experience in institutional property funds management, which investors can gain access to in a nimble and focused manner, without the conflicts and inefficiencies that often exist with larger organisations.

Proven track record

The team at RF Corval has a demonstrable track record of delivering strong risk-adjusted property returns through well timed acquisitions and disposals, as well as the successful implementation of active asset management strategies.

High quality, dedicated personnel

Investors benefit from the focus of RF Corval’s team of high quality, dedicated real estate professionals and access to a single RF Corval point of contact at all times.

Disciplined approach to acquisitions and disposals

RF Corval employs a disciplined and rigorous framework when considering capital transactions (both acquisitions and disposals) that aims to maximise performance for its investors. RF Corval deliberately maintains an efficient, low cost business structure that allows it to make the best investment decisions for investors without the ‘deal pressure’ to grow and maintain FUM, which often occurs within larger organsiations that are burdened by higher overheads and running costs.

Extensive deal sourcing capabilities

Through industry relationships established over the past 30 years, RF Corval is well placed to source potential transactions through a variety of on and off market channels.

Focused asset management

RF Corval establishes focused asset management strategies for each investment, which are aggressively implemented by RF Corval’s dedicated asset managers, seeking to maximise property values and therefore investment returns.

Tailored and transparent reporting

RF Corval prides itself on its institutional level reporting and disclosure.


RF Corval considers itself a property investor first and a fund manager second, with both the senior management team and RF Corval’s major shareholder, RF Capital, seeking to co-invest alongside investors.