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Here you will find information relating to unit prices, distributions and fund liquidity.


Consider the Offer, paying particular attention to the risks set out in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).


Consult your financial adviser, stockbroker and other professional adviser.


Access our online application or complete the paper copy that can be requested from RF CorVal – Investor Relations

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Existing Investors can access information on their holding through a secure online facility hosted by the registry, Boardroom. Investors can view details of their holding, update personal information or communication preferences and download historical statements or correspondence. Registry Login


The Fund generally offers Investors the opportunity to withdraw their investment quarterly, on a limited basis, subject to Fund liquidity and the terms outlined in the PDS. Download withdrawal request form

Unit Price

The Ordinary Unit class is open for investment and is priced daily.

In accordance with the Fund’s Valuation Policy, each of the Fund’s properties are independently valued annually. Whilst these valuations are completed for the period ending 30 June 2022, CorVal has determined it is in the best interests of investors to suspend the calculation of the unit price and therefore the Fund will not publish a daily unit price during this period (Property Valuation Period).

Following the completion of the valuations and their sign off by the Fund’s Auditor, unit prices for all Business Days during the Property Valuation Period will be published and unit holding statements issued. It is anticipated that this Property Valuation Period will run from 30 June until 31 July.

Any applications for units made during the Property Valuation Period will be issued at the prevailing unit price on the day the cleared application funds were received.

Download historical unit prices


The Fund’s distributions are payable quarterly in arrears. Distribution rates will be notified in the quarterly report sent to investors.
A distribution reinvestment plan is available whereby Investors can elect to reinvest some or all of their distributions to acquire additional Units in the Fund.

You can change your distribution election by contacting the Registry.

Refer to the PDS for full details

Advisor Documents

Fund rating and information is for the use of licensed financial advisers only. In no circumstances is it to be used by a potential investor for the purpose of making a decision about a financial product or class of product. The information should not be considered personal advice and has been prepared without taking into account investors objectives, financial situation or needs.

By accessing this report you confirm that you are a licensed financial advisor.  Lonsec research report

Information for financial advisers

From 5 October 2021, issuers and distributors (including financial advisers) of financial products must comply with the design and distribution requirements relating to financial products for retail clients, generally described as “Design & Distribution Obligations” or “DDO”.

DDO is intended to help consumers identify appropriate financial products by requiring product issuers and advisers to have a consumer-centric approach to designing and distributing products to retail clients.

As an issuer and distributor of such products, RF Corval will comply with these obligations and in order to do so, has created “Target Market Determinations” or “TMD” for each of the funds that we issue to retail clients.

As a distributor of our funds, financial advisers have an important role in the DDO process. Please see below information to assist you to fulfil your obligations:

  • You must consider the TMD when providing advice to your clients in relation to the RF CorVal funds to which DDO applies.
  • You must notify us of any “significant dealing” that is not consistent with the fund’s TMD. Click here for a sample notification template.
  • You must notify us of any complaints related to the distribution of our funds. Click here for a sample notification template.
  • You must maintain records related to DDO, for up to seven years.

Please contact our distribution team for any questions in relation to our funds and DDO  Contact Us

Important Information

CorVal Partners Limited (ACN 130 628 830) (CorVal Partners) is the responsible entity of the RF Corval Property Fund ARSN 656 171 158 (Fund). Before making an investment in relation to the Fund, it is important you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 19 January 2022. The PDS is issued by CorVal Partners and is available from or by calling 02 8203 8400. Applications can be made online at or via post using the Application Form which can be obtained from RF CorVal – Investor Relations.

The information included on this website has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making an investment decision, you should consider the PDS and consult your financial adviser or other professional advisers to determine whether the Fund suits your objectives, financial situations or needs. If you acquire units in the Fund, then CorVal Partners and its related parties may receive fees from the Fund. Those fees are disclosed in the PDS.

Any investment, including an investment in the Fund, is subject to risk. If a risk eventuates, then it may result in reduced distributions and/or a loss of some or all of your capital invested. The PDS includes further examples of some of the key risks of an investment in the Fund. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Any forward-looking statements on this website are provided as a general guide only and subject to the risks and assumptions set out in the PDS . Neither capital growth, distributions or tax consequences are guaranteed.

Units in the Fund are issued at a unit price determined in accordance with CorVal Partners’s unit pricing policy (Policy). The Policy has been prepared in accordance with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Unit Pricing: Guide to Good Practice.