Investment Approach

RF CorVal employs a disciplined approach to real estate investing that is based on understanding and evaluating investment risk through a detailed knowledge of the markets and an understanding of the property fundamentals that drive long term value.

Each investment is assessed from a micro perspective with a focus on the specific property attributes and the local market supply and demand conditions, as well as a macro perspective, considering the economic environment, including interest rates, inflation and capital flows.

  • RF CorVal consider both macro and micro factors which drive acquisition and asset management underwriting and asset strategy
  • RF CorVal considers property to be an inefficient asset class that offers astute investors the opportunity to benefit from pricing arbitrages by taking advantage of superior local information and knowledge.
  • RF CorVal have invested through many property cycles and understand the importance of not just acquisition timing but also disposal
  • RF CorVal have an extensive and deep range of relationships across the country that allow us to access opportunities early and often off-market
  • RF CorVal consider ESG to be very much BAU and ESG considerations a critical tool in identifying and mitigating risks, not just now but into the future